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How many stairs?

Undoubtedly, this is the most loaded question in piano moving. The answer sets the tone for the rest of the client-service provider relationship. The bottom line is that it takes work to move a piano, weighing 400 to 1500 pounds, up or down.

And not all piano and moving companies are comfortable with the risk.

Sometimes you Need a Hero...

At Hero Piano Movers, we actively seek the most difficult scenarios in piano moving and develop technology and techniques to address these challenges while distancing the movers themselves from the danger of completing these moves.


And when your piano movers are safe, they can place all of their attention and energy into caring for your piano.


Clay and his team did an excellent job moving our piano! They are professional and have a ton of experience moving pianos - I knew immediately we were in good hands! They made moving our piano easy and enjoyable and cost effective. They went above and beyond to ensure success and they truly cared about the quality of our experience. I highly recommend. They are excellent!!  - Leslie E.

CLAY and his team are truly 1st Class, great guys. As a 3rd young man was being trained it was fantastic hearing Clay explain in detail what they were doing and why each step was so important. FYI: this is the 7th piano move I have had done and I have never ever seen such a 1st Class, careful move of my OLD Piano as well as the NEW Steinway coming into the house. One can really see they truly CARE about the pianos AND the houses they are moving in and out of.
Thanks CLAY, you three were Fantastic! - Joseph D.

Very professional. The piano they moved was ~150 years old with non-standard fasteners galore from the prior owners. They navigated through those obstacles and put it back together more properly than it had been in many years. Clay was our lead mover and he was very pleasant. I can't recall the last time I was so impressed by a company from start to finish. - Morgan

Clay was great to work with. He met me there in advance so he could check out the entrance and plan for the move. Since we weren’t ready to move it in right away, he arranged to store it for us. The day of the move, he and his team had it securely wrapped and took the utmost of care in ensuring that it was delivered safely. Plus, they were most patient as we requested several adjustments to find just the right spot and able. - Lisa T.

As we enter our mid-eighties, we have decided to move into an independent living senior village. We needed our piano taken from our old home to our new apartment. The piano, being modern with a very good sound was my wife's Father's and dear to her.
The two young men who came to do the job on March 4, 2021, were friendly, respectful and very knowledgeable. They certainly knew what they were doing and treated the piano and us very well.
The topper came with the piano in its new place. The one young man, Clay, began playing the piano and it sounded so good. - Dennis B.

Clay Freeman

Clay has personally moved more than 1,500 pianos. He has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in engineering from Clemson University.

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